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Submarine Dominican Republic
The distant and mysterious Dominican Republic attracts travelers from all over the world with its beaches, comfortable hotels, infrastructure and eternal summer. Far from the Old World, the Dominican Republic…

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Eat, Pray, Be Healed - Greece Develops New Destinations for Tourists
Greece is experiencing a tourist boom: the number of arrivals of tourists from abroad increased from 14.9 million in 2009 to 24.8 million in 2016. According to the Minister of…

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Golf tourism
Golf is a very popular game bringing together people from all over the world. For many, this sport determines their lifestyle, social circle, social status and much more. Today, golf…

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8 places in Russia, where good together.

Any couple in love or for a long time living together wants to spend a vacation in a place where it will be good together. I want nothing to spoil the rest, and at the same time a lot of positive emotions remain.

For newlyweds
They are offered to spend a honeymoon in the northern capital of Russia – St. Petersburg. The first thing they’ll recommend is to visit a small French-style pastry shop and have a cup of tea with a magic piece of cake. After that, you can wander the streets and look at the various statues in the yards. It is believed that if you rub your thumb on the left foot of the second atlas on the Field of Mars, then family happiness will come for life. If you believe in these signs, then why not visit such a wonderful place. The final point will be drawbridges and bridges of kisses. And if you want something unusual and very memorable, then arrange a date on the roof right in Continue reading


Not far from the capital of Great Britain, next to the mystical county of Devonshire in the Salisbury Valley, there is an ancient monument – Stonehenge. It dates from the 3rd millennium BC. Pass and not notice this place is impossible. Stonehenge is represented by several huge stone blocks arranged in a certain order.

Who built Stonehenge and why?

One legend says that the complex was built at the behest of the wizard Merlin during the reign of King Arthur. When the Saxons attacked England, many leaders were killed. All were buried in the Salisbury Valley. The wizard Merlin turned to the king and proposed to build a ritual ring of stones of power on this place, and then all the dead will come to life. Arthur agreed, but the problem was that these stones were more than 200 kilometers from Continue reading

School holidays in Prague

Europe, in itself, is an amazing part of the world, striking with its unusualness and eccentricity. Each country is special, unique, with its own individuality. The Czech Republic in this sense is no exception. This is a unique, amazing and not like any other country. Prague, like Kiev, is “the mother of Czech cities.”

School holidays in Prague

Online sources and catalogs of travel agencies are full of various offers for holidays in Prague and countless tours there – just choose! Each tour, as a rule, includes a number of activities and excursions “with a children’s bias.” For example, with a visit to the Lego Museum. But, before moving on to entertainment, the child should probably be introduced in an unobtrusive way to the city itself, its history and traditions. Continue reading

Doctors told how not to get coronavirus in an airplane

Recommendations for tourists who are ready to hit the road in the near future, regardless of the coronavirus, as well as for those who want to “sit out” the situation away from troubled places, were presented by American doctors. This also applies to those tourists who are currently returning from vacation back home.

Indeed, in a situation where the virus spreads across the globe, it is easy to cross the carrier with the carrier in an airplane, there is a risk of “catching” it at the airport. What to do to protect yourself? Experts from the University of California, Los Angeles, shared tips with CNBC. Introducing the recommended point-by-point action plan. Continue reading

Coronavirus in Egypt: what a tourist needs to know

Egyptian Ministry of Health has confirmed more than 60 cases of coronavirus in the country. What does this mean for the traveler, is it necessary to be afraid of news about the virus and how to protect yourself from diseases? Look for answers to these and other questions in the article. By the way, on Saturday, March 14, it became known that the Government of Egypt curled that the country is open for tourists, despite the coronavirus (for details, see this link).

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