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Dominican Republic without beaches

It is impossible to imagine a country washed by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, without beaches. Tourists travel to the Dominican Republic for eternal summer, soft sand and a warm wave. However, in the depths of the country lies a real paradise for environmental travelers who love unity with nature, long hikes and outdoor living.

Ecotourism, unlike a beach holiday, is popular only among a narrow circle of people who are anxiously guarding their secret and cherish the unpopularity of green recreation. But we will reveal all the secrets of the nature of the Dominican Republic, so that more travelers can discover the Dominican Republic from a different, unusual side.

Green Dominican Republic

If the coasts are at the disposal of tourists, then the local population prefers to live in the interior of the country, away from the surging waves, for which they can be understood. The mountain ranges crossing the country not only invisibly divide it into two parts, but also preserve natural wealth from prying eyes. Fertile valleys with green forests and deep emerald lakes are simply created for camping, bird watching, phototourism, fun picnics in lush meadows and simple contemplation.


The North of the Dominican Republic can offer not only green valleys, but also hills, where you can arrange mini-ascents, and amazing coconut groves that cannot be left without a nut souvenir.
Fans of Victorian architecture will find something interesting in the city of Puerto Plata. In addition to the amazing buildings of the time of Queen Victoria, the city has the Amber Museum, the Taino Museum of the Indians and the ancient fortress of the 16th century.

And going on a trip from the city, you can come across the La Isabela National Park, where the first colonizers once lived. In the park you can not only enjoy the nature of the Dominican Republic, but also take a fascinating excursion into the past of the country and see the ruins of the first European settlements.
But the pearl of the Dominican Republic is rightfully considered the province of Montecristi. This is the most unexplored area by tourists, and therefore even more attractive. The region is popular for water excursions to reefs, of amazing beauty, which can be seen even from under the water column. This is a real paradise for fans of life in a tent, because the region, despite its full potential, is absolutely not ready for the influx of tourists.


The eastern coasts are, first of all, known to the townsfolk for their beaches, so get ready to face a large number of tourists. However, there are not many of them in the Ojos Indígenas Ecological Natural Park, but you still have to stand in line.
The park has a wide variety of exotic plants with unpronounceable names originating from the language of an ancient tribe of Indians that once lived here. In total, the reserve occupies 600 hectares, which cannot but impress. The park is protected by the state, and therefore the entrance to it is limited. You can visit the unique place from 8 am to 4 pm.

Speaking of uniqueness, once the famous conquistador Ponce de Leon built a fortress in the cozy place of San Rafael de Yuma, which is still there to this day, or rather what remains of it. But this is not a reason to pass by, especially when the fortress is located near the Ojos Indígenas park. Of course, no one has lived in the fortress for many years, but it housed a magnificent museum named after its famous owner, whose personal belongings are accessible to the general public.


It is here that the symbol of the Dominican Republic grows – the flower of Rosa de Bayahibe. However, the city of La Romana is famous for not at all. The endless reed fields and the mass of attractions can tell more about the history of the country than all the guidebooks in the world.
It is here that the famous two-kilometer Sendero Ecológico y Arqueológico Padre Nuestro trail is located, which has preserved traces of the indigenous population. The trail is famous not only among tourists, but also among archaeological scientists who still find exhibits for the local historical museum on it. Sometimes tourists are allowed to join the excavations.
Not far from the trail is the Cotubanamá National Park, which is home to 500 species of plants and 300 species of birds, which cannot but interest fans to listen to bird singing. Nearby, by the way, is the island of Catalina, where one of the most beautiful coral reefs on the planet. If you are lucky, when you dive, you can find not only plants of unusual beauty, but also the wreckage of a sunken English ship.


In the south is the heart of the Dominican Republic, namely Santo Domingo, the capital of the country. The most tourist place, which is simply created for walking, shopping, sightseeing tourism and just a lazy vacation. It is impossible that in the cultural center of South and North America there would be no place for an ecotourist.

And it was found. A 200-hectare botanical garden was created to study and preserve the unique species of living creatures that live in the republic. That is why here you can find the best and most unusual from all over the country.

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