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Sports tourism
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8 places in Russia, where good together.

Any couple in love or for a long time living together wants to spend a vacation in a place where it will be good together. I want nothing to spoil the rest, and at the same time a lot of positive emotions remain.

For newlyweds
They are offered to spend a honeymoon in the northern capital of Russia – St. Petersburg. The first thing they’ll recommend is to visit a small French-style pastry shop and have a cup of tea with a magic piece of cake. After that, you can wander the streets and look at the various statues in the yards. It is believed that if you rub your thumb on the left foot of the second atlas on the Field of Mars, then family happiness will come for life. If you believe in these signs, then why not visit such a wonderful place. The final point will be drawbridges and bridges of kisses. And if you want something unusual and very memorable, then arrange a date on the roof right in the center of the city.

8 places in Russia where good together for Valentine’s Day: St. Petersburg

For young students
They are invited to relax in nature with tents at Seliger. There is excellent fresh air, clear water, a sandy beach at hand and a forest nearby. In the summer, there are many people, but there are places where it is silent and uninhabited. It would be nice to take a small boat with you, because Seliger boasts beautiful lakes, numerous bays and small islands, where you can definitely retire together. In Seliger, there are a lot of places where no car can go, so no one will bother you to relax together and enjoy each other.

8 places in Russia where good together: Seliger

For informal movement
If you are an informal, then for you there is a place called Elton. This is a small lake, the depth of which is only eighty centimeters. But then it has mineral springs, and a mirage is reflected from the water. If you choose Lake Elton, you can stay in the nearby small houses where rent rooms.

8 places in Russia where it is good for two: Lake Eltron

For extremals
They are offered to get to the highest point of Mount Elbrus. The perfect season for traveling is June, July, August and September. But it’s worth preparing in advance for this trip in order to learn the mountain tourism technique. The journey itself takes about ten days, but for this the body must be physically prepared. If you are not confident in your abilities, then it is better to join a group of professionals.

Valentine’s Day Travel: Elbrus

For esotericists
You can visit the Valaam archipelago, which is located on Lake Ladoga. This type of travel was created for those who are fond of spiritual purification, believe in supreme powers and are simply Orthodox people. If you are looking for silence and want to pick up mystical memories, then this is for you. You can wander around the islands yourself, without anyone’s help and retire.

For fashionistas
Tours in Sochi. You can go to this city at any time of the year, because there will always be entertainment there. In winter, you can go skiing on boards or skiing. In the summer season, walk along the beaches, sunbathe, swim in warm water and boast new-fangled swimwear. Sochi city will never go out of style. If you want to go south and bask in the sun, then in Sochi the doors are always open for receiving guests. Sochi is especially famous for its sunsets, where you can watch them from the observation tower on Mount Akhun or from the Eagle Rocks. If you are a fan of a fun and memorable life, then after sunset you will find nightclubs and bars that are not inferior to the capital.

8 places in Russia where good together: Sochi

For activists
There is a proposal in the form of a visit to Lago-Naki, located in the western part of the Caucasus. This is an alternative for those who are tired of the sultry and noisy beaches. If you want to enjoy peace, tranquility and serenity, then you are on the Lago-Naki plateau. If you want to gain a bunch of impressions and spend your holidays actively, then there are hiking trails.

For sweet tooth
If you are a person who cannot live a day without sweets and you want to sweeten your life a little, then you are dear to the Kolomensky Pastila Museum. It was discovered at the end of the eighteenth century. But, unfortunately, like other plants, he did not survive the revolutionary time and fell apart. But a few years ago, the production of pastilles was restored. First, they will conduct a very informative and interesting tour for you, and in the end they will treat you with a cup of tea and sweets made using the old traditional technology.

8 places in Russia, where good for two – for the sweet tooth

For any type of vacation you need to prepare in advance and very carefully. It is important to consider all the details and opinions of the second half. If you are not a fan of hiking, and especially climbing, then you should not even take it. Then choose something calmer, because the choice allows it. Having rested at least a week with your soulmate, you will gain experience for many years. Do not miss this opportunity.

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