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Coronavirus in Egypt: what a tourist needs to know

Egyptian Ministry of Health has confirmed more than 60 cases of coronavirus in the country. What does this mean for the traveler, is it necessary to be afraid of news about the virus and how to protect yourself from diseases? Look for answers to these and other questions in the article. By the way, on Saturday, March 14, it became known that the Government of Egypt curled that the country is open for tourists, despite the coronavirus (for details, see this link).

Coronavirus in Egypt. What is the current situation?

As of March 12, 2020, 67 cases of coronavirus were detected in Egypt. This was reported by the Ministry of Health of the country – most of the sick were on the Luxor Nile cruise liner, which followed the Nile from Aswan to Luxor. At the moment, 48 passengers of the ship have already gone ashore, the rest are in quarantine.

One lethal outcome was also recorded: an elderly tourist from Germany arrived in Hurghada after a cruise on the Nile, and on March 6 ended up at a local hospital. Then he refused treatment – and died of complications.

And the first case of coronavirus infection was detected in mid-February from a tourist from China. At the moment, the patient has already recovered – his tests show negative samples for coronavirus.

It is important to note that there are no cases of infection among the indigenous population in the country. This was noted by the Prime Minister of Egypt Mustafa Maduli.

How do they fight coronavirus in Egypt?

In the country of the Pharaohs, very effective measures are being taken to combat coronavirus. All international airports have medical monitors that allow remote examination of passengers.

All tourists with high body temperature are quarantined in the city’s hospitals.

Unified rules apply both in the most popular airport, Cairo, and in resort Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh. Particular attention is paid to tourists from Thailand, Vietnam and other countries of Southeast Asia: they are checked more carefully and can be left in the quarantine zone after a single sneeze or with a reddened throat, for further analysis.

In addition to tough measures, the fight against coronavirus in Egypt is helped by two other important factors:

Low mobility of the local population, which is tied to their settlements. In this sense, it is easier to control tourists crossing the Egyptian border.
Dry and warm climate with constant wind. According to studies, coronavirus quickly dies at high temperatures – above + 26-27 and low humidity. This is precisely the climate of Egypt – it is even called healing for its beneficial effects on the respiratory system and the endowment of many allergic reactions of the body.
Are Chinese citizens allowed to enter Egypt?

There is no official ban on the arrival of tourists from China. But since February, all tour programs from the Middle Kingdom have been closed, all direct flights have also been canceled.

So harshly local Association of travel agencies reacted to the outbreak of coronavirus, which began to spread from the territory of China. And this, despite the possible losses from a decrease in tourist flow!

Yes, the Egyptian authorities in this regard are worthy of praise – they act efficiently and quickly. This is what allows us to prevent the epidemic of coronavirus throughout Egypt.

How not to get coronavirus in Egypt?

All recommendations are very simple and come down to personal hygiene and a more careful attitude to your health. It is also worth drinking only bottled water, having lunch in checked places, and at the first sign of a cold – consult a doctor.

By the way, when booking a tour on the TravelHouse Travel Agency Network, you will receive reliable Belarusian insurance that will cover the cost of medical services in Egypt if necessary.

Is it safe to travel to Egypt due to the coronavirus epidemic?

The number of cases in Egypt is now clearly less than in many tourist countries – and this is not a mere coincidence, but the result of the careful work of local authorities.

So, after reports of the infection of tourists on a cruise ship, all its premises were disinfected, and the hotel in Luxor, where tourists stayed, was also disinfected.

Luxor is now ready to evacuate tourists, but there is no panic here or in the popular Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh. Routine work is underway, as evidenced by the visit of profile ministers who have recently arrived in Luxor – their arrival demonstrates the openness of the Egyptian authorities and their willingness to provide all the necessary information about the sick.

By the way, at present, 27 patients who previously had coronavirus have recovered in Egypt, the rest are in satisfactory condition in hospitals.

And if you look at the screenshots showing the number of cases per 1 million people, staying in Belarus or Russia is now no more secure than going on vacation to Egypt!

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