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Doctors told how not to get coronavirus in an airplane

Recommendations for tourists who are ready to hit the road in the near future, regardless of the coronavirus, as well as for those who want to “sit out” the situation away from troubled places, were presented by American doctors. This also applies to those tourists who are currently returning from vacation back home.

Indeed, in a situation where the virus spreads across the globe, it is easy to cross the carrier with the carrier in an airplane, there is a risk of “catching” it at the airport. What to do to protect yourself? Experts from the University of California, Los Angeles, shared tips with CNBC. Introducing the recommended point-by-point action plan.

1) Before the flight:

First of all, it is necessary to monitor the flight schedule and the situation in the destination country – there is a risk of “closure” of any direction and, accordingly, a risk of flight cancellation. And also we must not forget to take care of our own safety. Therefore, the advice is given as follows:

Check the airline’s website, as well as the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (for Russia, this is Rospotrebnadzor) to obtain up-to-date information on travel recommendations and risk assessments by country, as well as to plan emergency plans;
Put necessary hygiene items with you in your bag, such as hand sanitizer, wipes, and extra medications. You are also advised to make copies of your pre-flight health insurance documents.
2) At the airport:

Airplanes and airports are teeming with germs and viruses and without any “high-profile epidemics,” experts warn. Therefore, the rules of hygiene there must be observed twice. “Infections” can be transmitted through the screens of self-service kiosks, containers at checkpoints, escalator handrails, seats in the recreation area of ​​gates, etc.

Try not to go without a shoe through a metal detector or scanner, select the right shoes;
All that is possible – including the phone and other contents of the pockets, as well as outer clothing, should be put in the carry-on baggage and not in the plastic container from the airport while passing through the inspection – it is definitely dirty in the epidemiological sense;
Look for local disinfection equipment or use your stock after leaving the security check area. Especially if you are going to have a snack at the airport later. Prior to disinfection, do not touch the nose, eyes and ears with your hands so as not to bring the coronavirus onto your mucous membranes. American experts also recommend “not rushing” to the food court right after the search;
While waiting for your flight, it is advisable to find the “least crowded place” and, if possible, sit at a distance of at least a couple of meters from others (although the latter is practically unrealistic in Russian realities);
Do not rush and board the aircraft last so that you can be as few as possible in a dense crowd of other passengers – the coronavirus is easily transmitted by airborne droplets like a simple cold.
3) On the plane:

Commercials on how to decontaminate aircraft cabins are now shown by many airlines. First of all, attention is paid to the disinfection of the armrests, seat belts, tray tables, upper controls for ventilation openings, lighting buttons and call buttons, as well as internal and external handles of the toilets. However, “God preserves the safe.” Therefore:

Tourists are strongly advised to bring their own antibacterial wipes or a small tube of disinfectant liquid, and wipe everything that you have to touch on the plane – the armrest, table, button, which leans the seat and the entertainment system control panel on board, if any. By the way, it is also recommended to share napkins with a neighbor.
Facial masks are not recommended for healthy tourists on an airplane. Their protective effect is small, but the risk of causing an infection “messing with the mask” – touching the nose and mouth with dirty hands – is significant;
It is recommended not to be afraid of germs in ventilation – the air in the aircraft blower is filtered, and more than 99% of dust and germs are removed in it, according to American experts. Of course, provided that the airline did not save on filters and replaced them on time. At the same time, the included ventilation “blows off” possible microdrops, where the coronavirus may be kept, away from the tourist’s face – this reduces the risk of infection.
If you plan to fly, it is most convenient to purchase tickets at the lowest cost here.

And if you in Europe are faced with a delay or cancellation of any of your flights, then you can fully expect compensation up to 600 euros. Moreover, you can get it simply and automatically – for example, using this service: you upload your data and a brief complaint about the delay with a description of the situation, and the service independently “knocks” it out of the airline for EU fees according to EU laws.

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